2019 Sunset Cliffs Classic - Schedule of Events



SATURDAY, February 9th, 2019

7:00-8:00                              REGISTRATION (Cabrillo Hall)

8:00              Topic Announce: Round 1

8:20-9:15         Round One: NPDA Debate (random-matched)

9:30              Topic Announce: Round 2

9:50-10:45        Round Two: NPDA Debate (random-matched)

10:55             Topic Announce: Round 3

11:15-12:10       Round Three: NPDA Debate (high-low matched)

12:15-12:45                         LUNCH BREAK – On Your Own

12:50             Topic Announce: Round 4

1:10-2:05         Round Four: NPDA Debate (high-low matched)

2:15                              Extemp Draw

2:30-3:45                       Round One: Pattern A Events (EXT, INFO, ADS, PRO, POE)

                                    Round One: NFA LD Debate (random matched)

3:55              Topic Announce: Round 5

4:15-5:10         Round Five: NPDA Debate (high-low matched)

5:15                              Extemp Draw

5:30-6:45                       Round Two: Pattern A Events (EXT, INFO, ADS, PRO, POE)

                                    Round Two: NFA & NFA LD Debate (high-low matched)

6:55              Topic Announce: Round 6

7:15-8:10         Round Six: NPDA Debate (high-low matched)

8:15-9:00                       Round Three: NFA LD Debate (high-low matched)

ASAP                                     POST BREAKS – on campus and to forensicstournament.net


SUNDAY, February 10th, 2019

8:00-8:30                              Chapel Service – Crill Auditorium

8:40              Topic Announce: Elimination Rd 1: Double Octos NPDA

9:00-9:55         Elimination Rd 1:Double Octos: NPDA Debate

10:00-11:15                   Round One: Pattern B Events (IMP, PER, CA, DRA, POI, DUO)

                                    Round Four: NFA LD Debate (high-low matched)

11:25             Topic Announce: Elimination Rd 2: Octos NPDA

11:45-12:40       Elimination Rd 2 Octofinals: NPDA Debate

12:45-2:00                     Round Two: Pattern B Events (IMP, PER, CA, DRA, POI, DUO)

                                    Quarterfinals: NFA LD Debate

2:10              Topic Announce: Elimination Round 3: Quarters NPDA

2:30-3:25         Quarterfinals: Elimination Rd 3: NPDA Debate

3:30                              Extemp Draw

3:45-5:15                       Finals: ALL Individual Events

                                    Semifinals: NFA LD Debate

5:25              Topic Announce: Elimination Round 4: NPDA Semis

5:45-6:40         Elimination Rd 4: Semifinals: NPDA Debate

6:30 P.M.                              AWARDS CEREMONY – Crill Auditorium (about an hour)

ASAP              Elimination Rd 5: Finals: NPDA Debate

ASAP                           Finals: NFA LD Debate