Paul Winters

START 3:00

Round: 4    Div: OPEN





Anderson 215

Rice BR

Pacific PV

Douglas Mungin - Solano

Anderson 216

Pacific JM

Belmont Abbey TS

Rob Killian - Nevada

Anderson Presidents

Rice TP

Pacific LC

Scott Hughes - Fresno City

Anderson Regents

Pacific GJ

Diablo Valley KB

Alexis Litzky - City College San Fran

DUC 211A

William Jewell HU

Santa Rosa NA

Sasan Kasravi - Diablo Valley

DUC 211B

Nevada NL

City College San Fran CB

Taure Shimp - Modesto

DUC 213

Diablo Valley FC

Rice/Nevada MZ

Mariel  Cruz - Santa Clara

DUC 214

San Jose State KR

Santa Clara CH

Aparna Bhaduri - Rice

DUC 215

Santa Rosa KT

Santa Clara TH

Ryan Guy - Modesto

DUC 216

Santa Clara PW

Rice PB

Tim Elizondo - Columbia

Weber 102

Modesto PP

Nevada TA

Andrea Brown - Ohlone

Weber 103

Pacific PJ

Fresno City SO

Keith Corley - William Jewell

Weber 104

Santa Rosa WM

Modesto/Chico MF

Ted Torous - Rice

Weber 107

Solano CB

Ohlone CC

Malcolm Gamble - Pacific

WPC 122

Columbia MB

Fresno City LR

Emily Leber - Belmont Abbey

WPC 229

Nevada VC

Fresno City CO

Jonathan  Bruce - Pacific


Modesto IW


Paul Winters

START 3:00

Round: 4    Div: NOVICE





Weber 109

Belmont Abbey SG

Santa Rosa CG

Ryan Sun - Rice

WPC 123

Solano HR

Diablo Valley PC

Matthew Zupko - San Jose State

WPC 142

Nevada/San Jose TP

Diablo Valley AM

Marnie Salvani - Pacific

Weber 101

Modesto ZS

San Jose State YQ

Kevin Steeper - Santa Rosa

WPC 202

Fresno City RL

Santa Rosa CH

David Worth - Rice

WPC 213

Solano LB

Fresno City GV

Benjamin Warheit - Pacific

WPC 218

Diablo Valley BJ

City College San Fran TF

Marvin Carter - Fresno City

WPC 219

Santa Clara KB

Fresno City EM

Mark Faaita - Chico

WPC 224

Fresno City MV

City College San Fran MM

Jared Anderson - Hired



1.     In the interest of an on-time departure this evening, please keep RFDs short so that IE rounds may begin.

2.     Likewise, if you are double entered in IEs please be attentive of the time and leave for your IE rounds to prevent being late to those events.