Paul Winters

START 9:40

Round: 2    Div: OPEN





Anderson 215

Nevada VC

Rice PB

Sasan Kasravi - Diablo Valley

Anderson 216

Pacific JM

Modesto/Chico MF

Alexis Litzky - City College San Fran

Anderson Presidents

Santa Clara PW

Nevada NL

Jonathan  Bruce - Pacific

Anderson Regents

Pacific LC

Fresno City LR

Matthew Hogan - Nevada

DUC 211A

Rice/Nevada MZ

Diablo Valley KB

Marvin Carter - Fresno City

DUC 211B

Pacific PJ

William Jewell HU

Ryan Guy - Modesto

DUC 213

Pacific PV

Santa Rosa KT

Mariel  Cruz - Santa Clara

DUC 214

Solano CB

Pacific GJ

Rob Killian - Nevada

DUC 215

Santa Clara CH

Fresno City CO

Douglas Mungin - Solano

DUC 216

Ohlone CC

Santa Clara TH

Hal  Sanford - Santa Rosa

WPC 123

Santa Rosa NA

Diablo Valley FC

Malcolm Gamble - Pacific


Rice BR


Weber 102

Rice TP

San Jose State KR

Taure Shimp - Modesto

Weber 103

Santa Rosa WM

City College San Fran CB

Robert Hawkins - Diablo Valley

Weber 104

Modesto IW

Belmont Abbey TS

Natalie Meany - Fresno City

Weber 107

Modesto PP

Fresno City SO

Marnie Salvani - Pacific

WPC 229

Nevada TA

Columbia MB

Evan  Haynes - Pacific

Paul Winters

START 9:40

Round: 2    Div: NOVICE





Weber 109

Santa Rosa CG

City College San Fran TF

Andrea Brown - Ohlone

WPC 122

Belmont Abbey SG

City College San Fran MM

James Gooler-Rogers - Santa Rosa

Weber 101

San Jose State YQ

Diablo Valley AM

Scott Hughes - Fresno City

Education 205

Solano LB

Fresno City MV

Matthew Zupko - San Jose State

WPC 202

Nevada/San Jose TP

Modesto ZS

Jared Anderson - Hired

WPC 213

Diablo Valley BJ

Fresno City RL

Chris Cannon - Hired

WPC 218

Fresno City EM

Diablo Valley PC

Benjamin Warheit - Pacific

WPC 219

Fresno City GV

Santa Rosa CH

Reed Ramsey - Pacific

WPC 224

Solano HR

Santa Clara KB

Kevin Steeper - Santa Rosa



1.     The prep/walking time is 30 minutes. The timer will count down to 30 minutes used. Forfeits should be issued when the timer begins to count up at :01 seconds.