Lunch immediately after this round

2018 Mile High Pt 1

Topic at 10:45

Round: 2    Div: 1






Nevada NT


BEHS 101

Bellevue RB

St. Mary's SG

Jackson DeVight - Texas Tech

BEHS 102

Bellevue JR

Rio Hondo RL

Luke Yeates - Boise State

BEHS 104

Concordia GC

San Diego State SC

Christopher Miles - St. Mary's

BUC 105

El Camino SL

Berkeley YT

Kinny Torre - Western Washington

BUC 106

Grand Canyon CA

Concordia LC

Sean McKean - Oregon

BEHS 116

William Jewell HU

Pacific JG

Kyle Cheesewright - College of Idaho

SW 134

William Jewell FT

Rice LA

Eliana Taylor - Hired Judges

SW 133

Lewis & Clark MP

Boise State JM

Keith Corley - William Jewell

SW 136

Lewis & Clark RB

Texas Tech FH

Alyson  Escalante - Oregon

BEHS 105

Lewis & Clark GP

Boise State MB

Margaret  Rockey - Western Washington

BEHS 106

Mercer LA

College of Idaho BJ

Reed Ramsey - Pacific

BEHS 107

Oregon TR

Western Washington AD

Nadia Steck - Lewis & Clark

BUC 107

Oregon HQ

Rio Hondo JM

Duncan Stewart - Utah

SW 135

Oregon SD

Western Washington CF

Zac Parker - Lewis & Clark

BEHS 108

Oregon TK

Lewis & Clark SM

Amanda Ozaki-Laughon - Concordia

BEHS 112

Pacific/SJDC CT

Mercer BB

Grant Tovmasian - Rio Hondo

BEHS 109

Berkeley KL

Rio Hondo RD

Rob Layne - Utah

BEHS 110

Berkeley AD

Pacific LV

Lindsay Van Luvanee - Concordia

BUC 108

Berkeley RH

El Camino MM

Sarah Neubaum - Hired Judges

BUC 203

Rice TB

Concordia VP

Zach Schneider - Hired Judges

SW 132

Rice ZL

Grand Canyon LH

Grace Miller - Nevada

BEHS 111

Rio Hondo GK

William Jewell CG

Caitlin Smith - Minnesota

BUC 204

Texas Tech GK

San Diego State MB

Zachary  Kuykendall - Grand Canyon

BUC 206

Texas Tech GH

North Texas HH

Evan  Haynes - Pacific

BUC 207

Minnesota FS

College of Idaho KH

Brittany Hubble - El Camino

SW 330

Minnesota DC

Utah PC

Arman Jaffer - Berkeley

BEHS 114

North Texas RP

Concordia TG

Jason  Edgar - San Diego State

SW 131

Utah SF

El Camino LY

Antony Penders - Bellevue

BUC 210

Utah VW

St. Mary's JR

Trevor Greenan - Berkeley

BUC 211

Utah NS

Texas Tech DT

Gabriel  Murillo  - North Texas

BUC 212

Western Washington OO

Rio Hondo GM

Daniel  Armbrust - Hired Judges