2017 Smelt Classic


Saturday, December 2nd

7:00 am: Registration begins Rose Center for the Arts (RCA)

8:30 am: Round 1A (IMP, INF, CA*, POE*, DUO*, EC)

10:00 am: Round 2A

11:30 am: Lunch break

12:00 pm: Round 1B (EXT, PER, ADS*, DI*, PRO, POI*)

1:30 pm: Round 2B

3:00 pm: IPDA/NPDA 1

4:45 pm: IE Finals (PRO, PER, EXT, INF, IMP, EC)

6:15 pm: IPDA/NPDA 2

ASAP: IE Awards (Wollenberg Auditorium)


Sunday, December 3rd

8:00 am: IPDA/NPDA Round 3

9:45 am: IPDA/NPDA Round 4

11:30am: IPDA/NPDA Round 5

1:00pm: Lunch break

1:30pm: Debate Speaker Awards

1:45pm: IPDA/NPDA Semifinals

3:45pm: IPDA/NPDA Finals

ASAP: Debate Awards



*IE Events with an asterisk have few enough entries that there will only be a single section in each preliminary round. These events will not have final rounds, but will be evaluated by three total judges between the two preliminary rounds. These ranks will determine final placement.