2018 Missouri Classic

University of Missouri

Feb 10-11  2018

Round 3

Open Parli

AppState MoSe (P) defeated Morehouse BrHo

Jewell FlTe (O) defeated Cedarville HaWo

Jewell StWi (O) defeated Cedarville BiSp

McKendree BaSi (P) defeated Rice BaTo

Morehouse BaPr (P) defeated Jewell HaUt

Morehouse DuMa (O) defeated AppState BrKe

Morehouse HoMa (P) defeated AppState BaDu

Morehouse KiMa (P) defeated Cedarville HeMa

PDB KaLi (P) defeated Washburn HoPa

PDB ToYa (P) defeated UT-Tyler PhWa

Purdue HaRo (P) defeated Mizzou ChRe

Rice AbLi (P) defeated Jewell CoGo

Rice BrGe (P) defeated McKendree GrMa

Rice ChSc (O) defeated TTU BiDe

TTU FrHe (P) defeated Cedarville JoMu

TTU GrHa (P) defeated PDB AnCo

TTU GuKe (O) defeated McKendree DePo

TTU OrRi (P) defeated Purdue MaSm

U of Minnesota ClPi (P) defeated UT-Tyler LaPr

U of Minnesota DeKa (O) defeated Purdue KiMo

U of Minnesota DoRi (O) defeated Purdue McMi

Washburn BaUn (P) defeated Morehouse CoJe

Washburn BuSt (O) defeated Cedarville KlLa

Washburn HeMa (P) defeated TTU PaPa

Washburn StWi (O) defeated U of Minnesota AzGa

Split (Proposition win %): 16/9 (0.64)

TOTAL Splits for this round: 16/9 (0.64)