Friday, September 19, 2014


Registration: Gano Chapel:   12:30pm-2:00pm

Topic announcements in Gano Chapel

Warm Wall in Yates College Union

2:00pm, Opening Assembly and Announcements
Topic Announcement, NPDA Rounds 1-2: 2:20pm
3:00pm, Round One
4:00pm, Round Two
5:00pm, Dinner, provided by the tournament
5:50pm, Topic Announce, Round 3
6:10pm, Round 3 (high-low)
7:20pm, Topic Announce, Round 4
7:40pm, Round 4 (high-low
9:00pm, Topic Announce, Round 5 (high-low)

9:20pm, Round 5


Saturday, September 20, 2014


7:30am, Continental breakfast, Gano Assembly Room

Topic Announcements in Gano Chapel

8:00am, Topic Announce, Elim 1

8:20am, Elim 1

9:45am Topic Announcement, Elim #2

10:05am, Elim #2

11:30am Topic Announcement, Elim #3

11:50 am  Elim #3

12:45pm Pizza Break

1:15 pm, Topic Announcement, Elim #4

1:35 pm, Elim #4

2:45 pm, Topic Announcement, Elim #5

3:05pm, Elim #5 *In case of close out, please provide cell phone information to be notified of a potential earlier start time!

3:45pm Ice Cream Social, Gano Assembly

4:30pm, Awards & Announcements, Gano Chapel

5:00pm Topic Announcement, Rounds 1-2

5:40 pm Round 1

6:40pm Round 2

7:50pm Topic Announcement, Round 3

8:10pm Round 3 (high-low)


Sunday, September 21, 2014


7:30am, Continental breakfast, Gano Assembly Room

8:00am, Topic Announce, Round 4 (high-low)

8:20am, Round 4

9:45am, Topic announce, Round 5 (high-low)

10:05am, Round  5

11:00am, Brunch for all participants

12:15pm, Topic announcement, Elim #1

12:35pm, Elim #1

2:00pm, Awards

2:30pm, Topic Announce, Elim #2

2:50pm, Elim #2

4:00pm, Topic Announcement, Elim #3

4:20pm, Elim #3

5:30pm, Topic Announcement, Elim #4

5:50pm, Elim #4

7:00pm, Topic Announcement, Elim #5

7:20pm, Elim #5