Hunsaker Invitational




Open Parli

BYE (P) no decision yet with Notre Dame DoPa

BYE (P) no decision yet with Rice AbLi

McKendree DePo (P) defeated Whitman AdCh

McKendree GaSm (O) defeated Illinois ArCo

Minnesota BuSt (P) defeated Arkansas State CoRi

Minnesota GaPi (P) defeated BYE

Morehouse KiSp (P) defeated Appalachian State FeKa

Morehouse MaSt (P) defeated BYE

Rice ChSc (P) defeated BYE

Rice KoWi (P) defeated BYE

Rice ShTa (O) defeated BYE

Texas Tech BiTa (O) defeated Appalachian State DaKe

Texas Tech BoPr (P) defeated McKendree OwPo

Texas Tech ClCr (P) defeated Minnesota KeKi

Texas Tyler KuWa (P) defeated BYE

Texas Tyler PhRe (P) defeated BYE

Split (Proposition win %): 11/3 (0.79)