Topic Draw begins at 5:20 in the BMC.

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 3: Sr IPDA






Point Loma OO


Library Arts 024

El Camino College AP

Point Loma HN

Monica Flores-Garcia-LD - Pasadena City

Library Arts 122

Grand Canyon Univ JM

Point Loma BH

Elyssa Hulse-Schultheiss-LD - Saddleback Coll

Library Arts 123

Grand Canyon Univ NR

Point Loma JS

Kara Sutton-LD - San Diego State

Library Arts 124

Mt San Jacinto JK

Point Loma SJ

Grant Tovmasian-LD - Rio Hondo Coll

Founders Hall 201

Pasadena City KS

Saddleback Coll KC

Olivia Niedhart-LD - Point Loma

Founders Hall 205

Pasadena City BF

Rio Hondo Coll ES

Renee Orton-LD - Mt San Jacinto

Beta 101

Point Loma NA

Grand Canyon Univ LP

Michael Williams-LD - Pasadena City

Alpha 101

Point Loma JL

Pasadena City ML

Leia Yen-LD - El Camino College

Alpha 204

Point Loma CO

Grand Canyon Univ LB

Patricia Hughes-LD - Rio Hondo Coll

Gymnasium 202

Rio Hondo Coll DL

Point Loma ZM

Li-Ren Chang-LD - El Camino College

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 3: Jr IPDA





BMC 118

El Camino College FZ

Irvine Valley TC

Daniel Zaragoza-LD - Point Loma

BMC 152

El Camino College MH

Point Loma SL

Jennifer Baney-LD - Mt San Jacinto

BMC 153

El Camino College MG

Rio Hondo Coll ZV

Breyanna Taylor-LD - Concordia-Irvine

BMC 107

Mt San Jacinto LR

Rio Hondo Coll DM

Cory Nims-LD - Grand Canyon Univ

BMC 154

Mt San Jacinto JA

Rio Hondo Coll VH

Kaia Harvey-LD - Point Loma

BMC 155

Pasadena City NH

Point Loma HW

Aya Akbik-LD - Z-Hired

BMC 220

Pasadena City JR

Grand Canyon Univ ST

Rachel Lobo-LD - El Camino College

BMC 221

Point Loma PS

Grand Canyon Univ OP

Weston Jukam-LD - Z-Hired

BMC 101

Rio Hondo Coll SW

Mt San Jacinto CD

Benjamin Lange-LD - Concordia-Irvine

Library Arts 022

Rio Hondo Coll FV

El Camino College JE

Rachel Tillmann-LD - Concordia-Irvine

Student Union 201

Rio Hondo Coll SV

Point Loma SC

Janiel Victorino-LD - Chabot College

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 3: NFA-LD





Grimm Hall 002

Chabot College CM

Univ of Pacific DL

Nathaniel Hosmer-LD - Point Loma

Founders Hall 102

Chabot College DA

Rio Hondo Coll GR

Josh Vannoy-LD - Grand Canyon Univ

BMC 119

Chabot College JB

Concordia-Irvine JP

Francesca Bishop-LD - El Camino College

Grimm Hall 126

Concordia-Irvine ER

San Diego State JK

Victor Wright-LD - Rio Hondo Coll

Grimm Hall 127

Concordia-Irvine NE

Univ of Nevada JW

Matt Grisat-LD - Rio Hondo Coll

Grimm Hall 210

El Camino College RP

Point Loma AT

Joseph Laughon-LD - Concordia-Irvine

Grimm Hall 215

El Camino College JH

Concordia-Irvine AC

Melissa DeLeon-LD - Rio Hondo Coll

Grimm Hall 218

San Diego State AR

El Camino College MW

Julia Shotwell-LD - Point Loma

Grimm Hall 219

Univ of Nevada AC

Rio Hondo Coll OA

Judith Teruya-LD - Concordia-Irvine

Grimm Hall 220

Univ of Pacific RP

Chabot College CB

Ben Kuykendall-LD - Grand Canyon Univ