Remember that you prep BOTH SIDES of the motion for 30 minutes, then head to your round. Round #1 starts at 8:35, Round #2 starts at 9:45. There is no preparation time between Round #1 and Round #2.

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 1: Senior





Grimm Hall 215

Chabot College AB

Rice University KW

Li-Ren Chang - El Camino College

Grimm Hall 220

Concordia-Irvine GG

Grand Canyon Univ KP

David Worth - Rice University

Founders Hall 201

Concordia-Irvine MC

UC Berkeley MN

Jonathan Veal - Point Loma

Founders Hall 205

El Camino College VM

UC Berkeley/UCLA

Meaghan Loeffler - Irvine Valley

Administration 101

El Camino College SE

Concordia-Irvine VS

Ayden Loeffler - Irvine Valley

Alpha 101

El Camino College HP

W Washington AD

Paul Villa - Univ of Pacific

Alpha 204

Grand Canyon Univ MB

W Washington WB

Trevor Greenan - UC Berkeley

Gymnasium 202

Grand Canyon Univ BR

Concordia-Irvine MN

Brittany Hubble - El Camino College

Gymnasium 203

Irvine Valley BW

Point Loma NL

Jennifer Baney - Mt San Jacinto

Founders Hall 102

U Nevada/St Mary's

UC Berkeley KY

Andrea Brown - St. Mary's College

Student Union 201

Pasadena City SL

El Camino College ER

Evelyn Meadows - Concordia-Irvine

Student Union 202

Point Loma TJ

Univ of Pacific PT

Renee Orton - Mt San Jacinto

Student Union 203

Point Loma MS

Grand Canyon Univ KP

Victor Wright - Rio Hondo Coll

Library Conf 103

Rice University LA

Point Loma AO

Jackson De Vight - Concordia-Irvine

Library Conf 105

Rio Hondo Coll LS

Irvine Valley CO

Cory Nims - Grand Canyon Univ

Library Conf 107

Rio Hondo Coll MC

UC Berkeley MR

Michael Williams - Pasadena City

Library Conf 109

Univ of Pacific SL

Point Loma SO

Patricia Hughes - Rio Hondo Coll

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 1: Junior





BMC 118

Concordia-Irvine PD

Point Loma WL

Margaret Rockey - W Washington

BMC 152

El Camino College EW

Univ of Nevada EW

Janiel Victorino - Chabot College

BMC 153

El Camino College CP

Rio Hondo Coll SA

Tim Seavey - San Diego State

BMC 154

El Camino College SC

Chabot College BM

Chathi Anderson - Irvine Valley

BMC 155

Irvine Valley LW

El Camino College HZ

Melissa DeLeon - Rio Hondo Coll

BMC 221

Irvine Valley SS

Rio Hondo Coll MV

Rachel Lobo - El Camino College

Library Arts 022

Univ of Nevada GC

St. Mary's College AM

Julia Leslie - Irvine Valley

Library Arts 024

Point Loma HC

Rio Hondo Coll VW

Bill Neesen - Irvine Valley

BMC 107

Rio Hondo Coll CR

El Camino College GH

Daniel Zaragoza - Point Loma

2020 Davidson Memorial

Rd 1: Novice





Library Arts 122

Irvine Valley BLK

Grand Canyon Univ MT

Jessica Jung - UC Berkeley

Library Arts 124

Irvine Valley EFW

Irvine Valley CDP

Elle Baez - Point Loma

Library Arts 123

Irvine Valley FGL

Irvine Valley KR

Marcos Santos Pasadena City

Irvine Valley CE



BMC 119

Mt San Jacinto DR

Irvine Valley BB

Francesca Bishop - El Camino College

BMC 101

San Diego State MG

Irvine Valley IS

Leia Yen - El Camino College