JUDGES: Please release debaters ASAP to their NFA-LD or IPDA Rounds!

2018 Davidson Memorial

Round 4: Sr. NPDA







Administration 100

Cerritos College BG

UC Berkeley RT

Emily Shaffer - Northern Arizona


Gymnasium 202

Concordia CL

Washburn BU

Caleb Moore - Point Loma


Gymnasium 203

Concordia CG

UC Berkeley HK

Li-Ren Chang - Irvine Valley


Gymnasium 204

Concordia LT

Irvine Valley LR

Monica Eslamian - UC San Diego


Library Arts 022

El Camino MM

Point Loma GL

Ayden Loeffler - Irvine Valley


Library Arts 024

El Camino LY

Concordia MP

Kaitlyn Bull - Washburn


Library Arts 122

El Camino LS

Grand Canyon SV

Trevor Greenan - UC Berkeley


Gymnasium 201

Grand Canyon HL

Concordia GV

Bill Neesen - Irvine Valley


Library Arts 123

Grand Canyon AC

Washburn HP

Joseph Ozaki-Laughon - Concordia


Library Arts 124

Irvine Valley DS

Point Loma HJ

Whitney Gamble - El Camino


Library Arts 141

Point Loma DK

Northern Arizona DR

Brittany Hubble - El Camino


Student Union 201

Point Loma GM

UC Santa Barbara CQ

Amanda Ozaki-Laughon - Concordia


Student Union 203

UC Irvine GK

Point Loma KS

Joseph Evans - El Camino



2018 Davidson Memorial

Round 4: Jr NPDA








Chi Alpha 101

Biola University GP

El Camino DO

Judith Teruya (J) - Concordia


Chi Alpha 204

El Camino KS

UC San Diego AS

Josh Vannoy - Grand Canyon


Student Union 202

El Camino ES

Point Loma CL

Emily Crosby (J) - Concordia


Dorm-Epsilon Lounge

Irvine Valley BC

Point Loma KW

Tammy Dang (J) - UC Irvine


Dorm-Gamma Lounge

Point Loma BV

Irvine Valley AK

Matthew Beyer (J) - UC Santa Barbara


Dorm-Lambda Lounge

Point Loma NS

Concordia ST

Alaina Owen (J) - Grand Canyon