City of Cedars

McKendree University

Round 4

Open LD

Central Michigan To (N) defeated McKendree Ja

Hillsdale To (N) defeated Simpson Ro

Lafayette Gu (N) defeated Missouri Valley Ho

McKendree Ga (A) defeated Lafayette Me

McKendree Ow (A) defeated Kansas City Kansas Sp

McKendree Po (N) defeated Park Wi

McKendree Sm (A) defeated Western Kentucky Mo

Park St (A) defeated Missouri Valley Ts

Western Kentucky Ke (A) defeated Kansas City Kansas Ne

Western Kentucky Ri (A) defeated Central Missouri Ha

Western Kentucky Su (N) defeated Lafayette Mi

Split (Affirmative win %): 6/5 (0.55)



Novice LD

Hillsdale Cu (N) defeated Central Michigan Sc

Illinois Ht (N) defeated McKendree Ko

Kansas City Kansas Te (A) defeated Illinois Er

McKendree Ma (N) defeated Illinois Br

Missouri Valley Cr (N) defeated Illinois Jo

Northern Iowa St (A) defeated Missouri S & T Me

Park Ba (A) defeated Missouri Valley Ye

Western Kentucky Ca (N) defeated Illinois Dy

Split (Affirmative win %): 3/5 (0.38)

TOTAL Splits for this round: 9/10 (0.47)