City of Cedars  Open LD Round: 4

 Rd at 8:00





Central Michigan Sh

Western Kentucky Ha

Piper 217

Lance Allen - McKendree

Central Missouri Ca

Western Kentucky Jo

Piper 215

Amanda Walker - McKendree

Central Missouri Ma

Hillsdale Re

Piper 222

Cecilia Cerja - Northern Iowa

Hillsdale Bu

Nebraska Mo

Piper 114

Alex Baldwin - McKendree

Hillsdale Ha


Piper 212


Hillsdale Wi

Nebraska Ng

Piper 218

Chad Meadows - Western Kentucky

Illinois State Ka

Western Kentucky Ei

Piper 117

Nik Fischer - McKendree

Simpson Ro

Hillsdale La

Piper 216

David Bowers - Wiley

Western Kentucky An

McKendree Po

Piper 112

Chase McCool - Simpson

Western Kentucky Ke

Hillsdale Bi

Old Main 202

Shawna Merrill - Illinois

Western Kentucky Ri

Simpson Ha

Piper 120

Justin Fausz - McKendree

Western Kentucky St

Nebraska Zi

Piper 115

Adam Kaul - McKendree

Wiley Co

Western Kentucky Su

Piper 116

Shanna Carlson - Illinois State

Wiley Coh

Hillsdale Jo

Piper 118

Shae Khan - Central Michigan




 City of Cedars  JV LD Round: 4

 Rd at 8:00





McKendree An

Simpson Kn

Old Main 204

Justin Kirk - Nebraska

McKendree Du

Illinois Je

Piper 214

Matthew Doggett - Hillsdale

McKendree Ga

Hillsdale To

Old Main 302

Tyler Slinkard - Central Missouri

McKendree Ow

Illinois State Ho

Carnegie 303

Bailey Rung - Western Kentucky

Nebraska Mc

Hillsdale Vi

Carnegie 304

Stephen Hagan - McKendree

Northern Iowa Di

McKendree Fl

Old Main 201

Mark Katerberg - Z-TOURN JUDGE

Northern Iowa Ha

Central Missouri Re

Old Main 203

James Baugh - Western Kentucky

Simpson Do

Illinois Ha

Carnegie 302

Cas Barker - McKendree