City of Cedars

McKendree University


Round 3

Open LD

Central Michigan Sh (N) defeated Hillsdale Re

Central Missouri Ca (N) defeated Western Kentucky Ei

Hillsdale Bi (A) defeated Simpson Ro

Hillsdale Bu (N) defeated Nebraska Ng

Hillsdale La (A) defeated Central Missouri Ma

McKendree Po (A) defeated Hillsdale Ha

Western Kentucky An (N) defeated Nebraska Zi

Western Kentucky Jo (A) defeated Hillsdale Wi

Western Kentucky Ke (N) defeated Simpson Ha

Western Kentucky Ri (N) defeated Hillsdale Jo

Western Kentucky St (N) defeated Nebraska Mo

Western Kentucky Su (A) defeated Illinois State Ka

Wiley Co (N) defeated Western Kentucky Ha

Split (Affirmative win %): 5/8 (0.38)


Central Missouri Re (A) defeated Northern Iowa Di

Hillsdale To (A) defeated Nebraska Mc

Hillsdale Vi (A) defeated McKendree Ga

Illinois State Ho (A) defeated McKendree An

McKendree Du (N) defeated Illinois Ha

McKendree Ow (N) defeated Simpson Kn

Northern Iowa Ha (N) defeated McKendree Fl

Simpson Do (N) defeated Illinois Je

Split (Affirmative win %): 4/4 (0.5)

TOTAL Splits for this round: 9/12 (0.43)