2018 Aztec Invitational

Round 5: Open






San Diego Mesa MO


Hepner Hall 214

Biola University SW

Concordia Univ EP

Caleb Moore - Pt Loma Nazarene

Hepner Hall 216

Biola University GP

Concordia Univ BM

Jonathan Veal - Pt Loma Nazarene

Hepner Hall 218

Concordia Univ GG

Pt Loma Nazarene GM

Josh Vannoy - Grand Canyon

Hepner Hall 221

Concordia Univ SV

El Camino College LY

Eric Garcia - Biola University

Hepner Hall 222

Concordia Univ CT

Palomar College ST

Andrea Sanchez - Z-Hired

Hardy Tower 22

Grand Canyon CL

Biola University LS

Olivia Niedhart - Pt Loma Nazarene

Hardy Tower 140

Northern Arizona MT

El Camino College DT

John Parker - Biola University

Hardy Tower 183

Pt Loma Nazarene NS

Northern Arizona DR

Brittany Hubble - El Camino College

Prof Study Fine Arts 113

Pt Loma Nazarene KW

El Camino College HP

Kara Sutton - San Diego State

Prof Study Fine Arts 300

Pt Loma Nazarene GK

Concordia Univ CL

Austin Miller - Northern Arizona

Prof Study Fine Arts 308

Pt Loma Nazarene GJ

El Camino College BS

Tiffany Dykstra-Devette - San Diego St

Hepner Hall 122

San Diego State BC

Grand Canyon BS

Danny Iberri-Shea - US Air Force

Prof Study Fine Arts 310

US Air Force GM

Biola University TU

Angelica Grigsby - Z-Hired

Prof Study Fine Arts 318

US Air Force PW

Pt Loma Nazarene DS

Alec Baker - Z-Hired

2018 Aztec Invitational

Round 5: Novice





Communication 205

El Camino College EJ

Pt Loma Nazarene BHK

Zach Kuykendall - Grand Canyon

Hepner Hall 134

Grand Canyon KM

El Camino College BMV

Joseph Laughon - Concordia Univ

Hepner Hall 150

US Air Force CJ

Pt Loma Nazarene AO

Joseph Evans - El Camino College

Hepner Hall 146

Pt Loma Nazarene HS

El Camino College EP

Joseph Ross - San Diego State

Hepner Hall 210

US Air Force PY

San Diego State CH

Judith Teruya - Concordia Univ

Communication 105

Biola University PY

San Diego State HK

Taylor Alandzes - Grand Canyon

Hepner Hall 130

El Camino College AR

San Diego Mesa GW

Nicholas Thomas - Palomar College

Hepner Hall 128

El Camino College FS

San Diego Mesa RS

James Laky - Pt Loma Nazarene